C.V. of Adriano Garsia


8/20/1928 Born Tunis
1946 Moved to Italy Rome
1946-49 Attended Liceo A. Righi (High School) Rome
1949 Graduated from Liceo Augusto Righi Rome
1949-52 School of Engineering Univ. of Rome Rome
Fall 1953 School of Mathematics Univ. of Rome Rome
1953-57 Graduate student Stanford Univ. Math. Palo Alto Cal.
1955-57 Research Ass. Stanford Research Institute Palo Alto Cal.
Sept. 1957 PhD in Mathematics Stanford University

"Thesis: On Surfaces with a rectilinear Geodesic Circle"

Palo Alto Cal.
1957-1959 C. L. E. Moore Instructor Mass. Inst. of Tech Cambridge Mass.
Summer 1959 Research Fellow Bell Laboratories. Murray Hill N.J.
1959-61 Assistant Prof. of Math. Univ. of Minnesota Mineapolis Minn.
Summer 1960 Int. Congress on Diff. Geometry, I. S. Zurich
1961-62 O. N. R. Postdoctoral Cal. Inst. of Tech. Pasadena Cal.
1962-64 Associate Prof. of Math. Cal. Inst. of Tech. Pasadena Cal.
1964-66 Prof. of Math. Cal. Inst. of Tech Pasadena Cal.
1966-72 Consultant Jet Propulsion Lab. Pasadena Cal.
1966 Prof. of Math. Univ. of Cal. San Diego La Jolla Cal.
1969 Venezuelan Inst. of Scien. Research, V. Caracas
1971 Year in Probability Mittag-Leffler Inst., V. Stockholm
1974 Int. Congress on Gaussian Processes, I. S. Strasbourg
1974 Annual Meeting Amer. Math. Society, I. S. San Francisco
1977 Int. Congress on Prob. Japan, I. S. Kyoto
1978 Int. Congress of Math, I. S. Helsinki
1980 Year in Comm. Algebra Mittag-Leffler Inst., V. Stockholm
1981 Int. Colloquium On Ordered sets, I. S. Banff
1985 Int. Symposium Combinatorics of Symm. Group I. S. Durham England
1985 Spent Fall semester at MIT (Navy res. Grant) Cambridge Mass.
June 1987 Visiting professor U. Paris VII Paris
Sept. 1988 Visiting professor U.Bordeaux Bordeaux
Dec. 1989 Visiting professor U.Q.A.M. Montr\'eal
Dec. 1990 Visiting professor U.Q.A.M. Montr\'eal
June. 1991 Conf. in Algebraic Combinatorics I.S. Ann Arbor
Apr.-May 1992 Year in Algebraic Comb. Mittag-Leffler Inst., V. Stockholm
June 1992 4th Int. Colloquium Alg. Comb. UQAM, I.S. Montr\'eal
July 1992 Colloquium on Representation Theory, I.S. Lyons
March 1993 Special Session in Algebraic Combinatorics, I.S. Knoxville

I.S. = Invited Speaker, V. = Visitor

Graduate Studies

Prior and Current PhD students

Stanley Sawyer Almost Everywhere Convergence 1964
Charles Greenhall Orthogonal Series 1965
Luis Baez-Duarte Ergodic Theory 1966
Chris Preston Fourier Analysis 1970
Tom Crocker Interpolation Theory 1971
Rex Page Numerical Analysis 1973
Paul Deland Real Analysis 1974
T. H. Park Sobolev Type Inequalities 1974
Steve Milne Comb. Methods in Real Analysis 1975
S. A. Joni Formal power series inversion 1976
Michelle Wachs Algorithms for Minimal Search Trees 1976
Don Rawlings Permutation Enumeration 1977
Roger Whitney Theory of Symmetric Functions 1980
Y. M. Chen Plethysm 1983
Omer Egecioglu Symmetric Function Algorithms 1984
Timothy McLarnan Robinson-Schensted Correspondences 1986
H\'el\`ene Barcelo Combinatorics of Representation Theory 1988
Nantel Bergeron Structure of Descent Algebras 1990
Ed Allen Computational commutative algebra 1991
Arun Ram(cochair) Matrix units for Brauer algebras 1991
Ethan Reiner Invariants of reflection Groups 1993
Joe Alfano Harmonics for diagonal actions 1994
Sara Billey Schubert Polynomials 1994
Mike Zabrocki Hall-Littlewood Vertex Operator 1998
Jennifer Morse Macdonald Polynomials 1999
Theresa Gallo Combinatorial Bases for Modules of Coinvariants 2000
Ezra Halleck Magic Squares 2000
David Little Bijective combinatorics 2002
Gregg Musiker Combinatorics of Elliptic Curves over finite fields 2007
Jason Bandlow Extensions of Macdonald Polynomials 2007

Postdoctoral scholars

Mei Yang S-series expansions April 88 - July 89
N. Buzeteanu q-Series and q-analogs Jan 91- Sept 91
A. Goupil Conjugacy Classes of Coxeter Groups Sept 91- ????
Glenn Tesler Macdonald Poynomials Sept 96-2000

Undergraduate Studies

Courses Developed


Public service

Member of the Editorial Board

Member of the Advisory board of the {\ita Institut des Sciences Math\'ematiques de Montr\'eal}.

Reviewer for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.


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