Research Area: Number Theory


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Alina Bucur's PhotoAlina Bucur
Associate Professor
Number Theory, Automorphic Forms, Metaplectic Forms, Kac-Moody Algebras, Coxeter Groups

Ph.D. Mathematics, Brown University
  • FRG Research Grant by NSF
  • Hellman Fellowship
Benedict Gross's PhotoBenedict Gross
Number Theory, Representation Theory

Ph.D. Mathematics, Harvard University
  • Member of American Philosophical Society
  • Member of National Academy of Sciences
  • Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Cole Prize in Number Theory, AMS
  • MacArthur Fellowship
  • Sloan Fellowship
  • Marshall Scholarship
  • Sheldon Traveling Scholarship
Daniel Kane's PhotoDaniel Kane
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Number Theory, Combinatorics

Ph.D. Mathematics, Harvard University
Kiran Kedlaya's PhotoKiran Kedlaya
Number Theory, Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry

Ph.D. Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Stefan E. Warschawski Endowed Chair
  • Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship
  • Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
  • Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Cristian Popescu's PhotoCristian Popescu
Number Theory, Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Special Values of L-functions

Ph.D. Mathematics, Ohio State University
  • 2005 Simion Stoilow Prize of the Romanian Academy of Science
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