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Math Dept Prospective PhD Open House

On Thursday, March 7th and Friday, March 8th, the UCSD Department of Mathematics will host its annual Open House for prospective PhD students who have been admitted for Fall 2019. The schedule of events is packed with two days of activities and talks. A full schedule can be found online. Attendance is limited to invited guests.

Kyoto Prize Symposium Presentation by Masaki Kashiwara - March 20, 2019

The 2019 Kyoto Prize Symposium - Basic Sciences Presentation featuring mathematician Masaki Kashiwara will be held on March 20, 2019 from 2:00pm-3:30pm in the UCSD Price Center West Ballroom. Register to attend.

In Memoriam: Thomas Enright, 1947-2019

Professor Emeritus Thomas Enright died on January 27, 2019 at the age of 71.  See UCSD Campus Notice.

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Qualifying Exam Schedule

Applied Algebra – MONDAY, 5/13

Algebra – TUESDAY, 5/14

Complex Analysis – WEDNESDAY, 5/15

Numerical – THURSDAY, 5/16

Statistics – FRIDAY, 5/17

Real – MONDAY, 5/20

Topology  - TUESDAY, 5/21

Questions? Please contact Kelly Guerriero (

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2019-2020 Planned Course Offerings

The 2019-2020 Planned Course Offerings are now available at

We would also like to announce new courses being offered for the first time next academic year:

  • Math 105 - Basic Number Theory
  • Math 106 - Algebraic Geometry
  • Math 144 - Introduction to Fourier Analysis
  • Math 148 - Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
  • Math 158 - Extremal Combinatorics & Graph Theory
  • Math 184 - Enumerative Combinatorics
  • Math 188 - Algebraic Combinatorics
  • Math 173AB - Optimization for Data Science
  • Math 190AB - Foundations of Topology

Further information about these new courses will be available upon release of the 2019-2020 General Catalog.

SeminarsMORE ►

Monday  •  May 27, 2019

9:00am  •  AP&M 6402

Woonam Lim
    Virtual \Chi_y-genus of Quot scheme over surfaces and curves

Advancement to Candidacy

Tuesday  •  May 28, 2019

2:00pm  •  AP&M 7321

Robert Laudone
    Representation stability for 0-Hecke algebras

Math 269 - Combinatorics

3:00pm  •  AP&M 6402

Michael Shulman
    All $(\infty, 1)$-toposes have strict univalent universes

Algebra Seminar

Thursday  •  May 30, 2019

9:30am  •  AP&M 6218

Jonathan Conder
    Geometric links between $E_6$ and theta divisors

Final Defense

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Lei Ni

Geometric Analysis

Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, Complex Geometry and Analysis, Riemannian Geometry

for the
UCSD Mathematics
Ph.D. program
Got Math?

Society for Undergraduate
Mathematics Students (SUMS)